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Monday, April 9, 2012

Three Steps to a Better Day!

Would you like to have a better day tomorrow than you had today? Would you like every day to be absolutely fabulous? Here are three things you can do to have a better day:

1) Realize that the only thing within your control is your attitude (you cannot control the weather, the traffic, the guy in front of you in line at the gas station...but you CAN control how you are going to let those things affect you)

2) Make a conscious choice to make the most of EVERY situation (the guy in front of you dug around for change and you are 5 minutes later than planned...be happy that you gave yourself extra time, be happy that the delay may have saved you from a traffic accident, practice this type of thinking as you encounter situations throughout the day...ask yourself: "why might this be a good thing?" and play it out in your mind)

3) Be thankful - TRULY and completely thankful (it's raining...so the flowers will be healthy and you won't have to pay to water the lawn this week/weekend - say to yourself: "thank you for the rain, I like the way it sounds on the windows" - - - the police officer pulls you over making you late for work: "thank you so much, I really did need the reminder to slow down - thank you for not giving me a ticket")

People really find it hard to believe when you look at things from this point of view. They may say that you sugar coat things or they may think you're fake...but the more you look at things this way, the more it becomes second nature and you find yourself ready to cope with more challenges and you'll find yourself seeking change instead of avoiding it. Change and challenging situations put us to the test, but a test is an opportunity to show your stuff - so get out there and show 'em what you're made of!


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