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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Perception Simplified

I learn something every day and I usually learn the most during life's unexpected moments. This morning I spent quite a bit of time at the post office figuring out how much postage I would need on my wedding invitations. At first the postal worker was gruff and only moderately pleasant. I flashed her a smile and showed her my gratitude for her patience (she was politely explaining to me why my invitations would cost $0.65 cents based on weight, size, etc...). When I showed her that I cared, SHE CARED! By the time I left, she was asking when the wedding was, where the reception was, and she congratulated me like we were family. 

then...to reward my little wedding planner (my 3 year old son) for his patience, we ran to McDonalds for a smoothie. I pulled ahead so he could pay for and receive his own smoothie from the drive through window. The woman who waited on him simply said: "is this for you?" and when he replied and said Thank you, she said "you're welcome, have a good day" and that was all Andre needed. As we pulled away, he said: "Mommy, that really was a nice lady!"

If you want people to like you, act the way your mother taught you:

*Be appreciative by showing gratitude
*Be polite
*Treat others the way you want to be treated

Yup...it really is just that easy. It's not about the kind of car you drive, the designer clothes, or what side of the tracks you grew up on. Anyone can be nice, it doesn't matter what your social status is. A smile costs nothing and is catchy....if you help one person to smile, it's likely they'll pass that smile along to many others.

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