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Monday, December 31, 2012

Start The New Year With a Business Plan Review

Well, it's 6:23pm here in Wisconsin which means 2013 is right around the corner. I am thinking about what I've learned in the last 12 months and how I can use that information to make 2013 my best year ever. Most of you are probably thinking about your own personal and professional resolutions and goals for the new year. What steps do you need to take to achieve your goals, how are you going to stay on track, what happens if you fall short of your own expectations, etc... A great way to get on track and stay on track for the new year is committing to your business plan. Sit down with your previous plan and make some changes and adjustments based on what has happened since it was written, and then use it as a manual or road map to get you where you need to be by this time next year.

Your business plan likely contains all the necessary sections about long and short range goals, mission and vision statements for the business/organization, competitive analysis, etc...this means you already have what you need to build on. Now the rest is up to you. If your long range goal including growing your business by 32% sit down and strategize about how you can do that and if that was a realistic goal. Consider where you've been spending your marketing money, what groups you're involved in, etc... are you getting a good return on your investment? is it time for a change? should you be more involved?

If you want 2013 to be a repeat of 2012, continue doing what you've been doing with little consideration for the how and why and don't worry about analyzing your returns. If you want 2013 to be your best year ever, set goals that are aligned with your organizational Mission and Vision. As Jim Rohn says: "Either you run the day, or the day runs you." You have the next 365 days to make 2013 your best year ever, run each of those days and you'll achieve your goal!

May your paths be abundantly filled challenges, goals, and support and may 2013 be your best year ever! ~Crystal

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Job Search Tips

Are you looking for work, preparing for graduation and getting excited about putting together your cover letter and resume? In the current economy, one thing is for sure, you are NOT alone. Here are some tips that may help you prepare which will increase your confidence. Best of luck in your search - whoever hires you will be glad they did, because YOU are amazing. My dream for you is that your future is as bright as you are.

Finding the RIGHT job is key!
·        If you know people in the field you want to be in, ask for a referral or introduction.
·        County and State jobs are coveted – know where to find them!
·        Set yourself apart – use the internet differently than the competition.
·        Ask Questions.
·        Do your home work.

If you know people in the field you want to be in, ask for a referral or introduction. 
o   “________, I’ve heard good things about your company and you seem to like it, right? Who would I talk to about floating my resume?”
o   “________, I haven’t seen anything that Company XYZ is hiring, but do you happen to know anyone in HR you could put me in touch with?”

County and State jobs are coveted – know where to find them!
§  Set up your profile and find out what’s out there that may be a dream come true for you!

Set yourself apart – use the internet differently than the competition.
o   Use the Job Center website (http://www.wisconsinjobcenter.org/) have your resume and cover letter ready to go.
o   Have Job Center jobs matched to you and emailed directly to your inbox.
o   If you have a social networking profile, tidy it up a bit…foul language and drinking pics should be taken down – you don’t want to send the wrong message.
o   If you have your resume on multiple sites, make sure it’s the same or similar on each. If you update one, update all of them.

Ask Questions.
? (Before, During, or After the interview it’s important to ask questions. If you aren’t sure what to ask – here are some examples:)
How would you describe the company culture/work environment?

What type of employees tend to excel at this company?

What qualities are you looking for in your new hires?

Can you tell me more about the interview process?

What is your turn over rate for the type of position I am interested in?

What type of training do you offer?

How often do you provide reviews and feedback?

What are the most important skills for the job?

How would you describe your ideal candidate?

What are the three key skills/strengths vital to this position?

Do your home work.
o   Most companies have a website with important information about the company and if you’re lucky – information for job seekers.

The Shiny Sparkly Resume!
If a car on a car lot doesn’t look shiny and impressive, you’ll likely drive by without checking the sticker. Your resume works the same way – if your resume doesn’t catch the employers attention you will not get the phone call or the interview much less the job.
Make sure your resume is shiny and sparkling!

Choose Resume Words Carefully / Surpassed vs. Completed
o   Anyone can complete a task – surpassing expectations shows that you went above and beyond. Catch the readers attention and capture interest by using strong words to describe your accomplishments:

Sample Headlines
o   Dedicated ______ professional with ___ years of experience in _______
o   An accomplished _____ professional with proven entrepreneurial success and expertise in ___________
o   Talented _____ professional with over ___ years of experience providing outstanding support to ____________
Sample Qualifications
o   Extensive hands on experience in ______
o   Diverse _ skills with exceptional __ background in _________
o   Fluent understanding and extensive experience managing _____
o   Thrive in deadline-oriented, fast paced situations
Focus on…
o   How you saved the company time or money
o   How you problem solve
o   How you use your creativity
o   How you initiate change and develop others
o   How you use your skills
o   How you work successfully with a team

Submit Your Resume/Application
o   Always read the fine print and submit your resume/application just ask the employer specifies (ie: if they tell you to fax…don’t email – if they request a resume and cover letter, don’t forget the cover letter, etc…)
o   Make sure your resume is short and sweet, to the point, and impressive!

Follow Up
o   Follow up with a phone call or a card (yes, the kind you mail…set yourself apart)
§  The follow up should be short and sweet – if you send a card, it could say: Thank you for considering me for the _____ position with company XYZ; I am looking forward to meeting with you. Please call me at ____ and we can schedule a phone interview or face to face meeting.

Prepare for the Interview
·        Make your list of traits, skills, and abilities
·        Story Format
o   Stories Should…
§  Describe a challenging situation
§  Describe a difficult decision
§  Describe your strengths
§  Describe your successes
§  Describe your weaknesses
§  Describe a time when the result was not what you planned for

Don’t Forget to Ask Questions?
·        When the potential new employer asks: “Do you have any questions?” your answer should always be a quick “yes” – and go back to those questions you had ready during the job search:

o   The potential new employer will thank you – but be sure to thank them for their time too. Then…follow up with a thank you card (yes the kind you mail – it will set you apart from other applicants)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's The Most Charitable Time Of The Year

It's the most wonderful time of the year
With the kids jingle-belling
And everyone telling you
Be of good cheer
It's the most wonderful time of the year

...or has it become...                the most CHARITABLE time of the year?                

As a business owner, this is the time of year that your mailbox and inbox is flooded with requests for charitable donations. Veterans with small children who have no where to live, children whose fathers are in prison whose mothers have no money to afford presents, elderly people alone in nursing homes without family to visit, animals found abused or neglected, and the list goes on and on. Your employees come to you asking if you're able to throw a few dollars toward their favorite charity, bell ringers at the door of your favorite grocery store, and your heart goes out to each charity and individual. The question is...

How do you decide which charity you will donate to? How much will you donate?

Of course, your initial reaction is to give a little something to every one. Each story tugs at your heart strings and compels you to open your wallet. And then you realize that the wallet is empty and there are still more requests. Now, what do you do? If you say no, you feel like you've failed someone. Is the Veteran more worthy of a donation than the child who has holes in his shoes? Where is the line? Or...have you already heard these horror stories from other professionals and business owners and instead of drawing the line, you simply say 'NO' to every one right from the start?

Do you write a policy to help you next year? Do you appoint a team and a process to ensure fairness and equality?

No one wants to be a Scrooge, but business is business. The following suggestions may help you move forward in a way that allows for charitable giving, but also allows you to say no and keep some money in the bank:

1) Set a Budget - decide how much you will spend annually on charities and stick with it.

2) Do Your Homework - learn about how organizations use the money. You don't want your money going to an organization where pennies on the dollar actually make it to help the cause. Determine if you want to choose worldwide organizations, local organization, or both.

3) Be Fair - you don't want to give $5,000 to one organization and $5 to the other. Your budget process may allot for a certain percent going to local charities and a different percent to worldwide charities. Set a minimum and maximum amount, use matching funds with a limit, or limit the number of organizations you will contribute to each year. If you limit the number of organizations, you may want to look at your own mission and/or vision statement and make sure that you are aligning your business with a charitable organization that has a similar mission/vision or at least one that is not contrary to where your business is headed.

4) Share the Responsibility - engage others in your organization. Let them choose the recipients. Asking for the input of others will relieve some of your stress and will all but eliminate the perception that the company only gives to your 'pet projects'.

5) Set  Expectations - Have a form or process. There are things you want to know about the charity or organization you are giving to. You wouldn't just hand a $500 check to someone knocking at the door, so be prepared - when they do knock, ask them to complete your form and provide the information that is importation to you (ie: how long has the charity/organization been around, who determines how my money is used, does the money stay local, etc...)

6) Let Others Know - Let others in your organization know how the charitable giving process works at your company. This will eliminate those emails that tug at your heart strings. If an employee learns of a worthy cause, they will know how to get their cause on the list for consideration. They shouldn't feel like you are being unfair, you are simply following the rules of the company. This helps your employees look smart too - if they are approached on Thanksgiving day by a well meaning friend or family member, they can respond "our company does give to different organizations each year, it's too late to get on the list for this year, but I can pass the information along for consideration next year" (the employee looks good, you look good, and the company looks good)!

What works for you? What have you done in the past? Have you tried any of the techniques listed above? We want your feedback - now and always!

And don't worry, we know - it really is, THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Social Media and Friends

A personal and professional friend recently posted the following on Facebook:

How to start an argument on facebook:
1. Post your opinion....on anything.
2. Wait
3. Stir
4. Start typing in all CAPS to raise your voice.

This got me thinking...and I replied with the following:

Doesn't it make you wonder about the level of friendship you have with your Facebook friends? Do you know what I mean? If you were at lunch with a group of friends (which is how people once exchanged ideas before social media, right?) and you expressed an opinion about something, there would be chit chat and friendly conversing and it was unusual for anyone to get bent out of shape, raise their voice, or get offended. I don't know if social media makes it that difficult to communicate, or if we are simply extending our circle of friends to include so many people that we have confused the definition of a friend. friend (frnd)
1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
4. One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement.

What are your thoughts? Are we going to far to be people pleasers? Do we accept friend requests because we want to have as many (or more) friends as some of the people in our 'circle'? Are we afraid to post what's on our mind because we don't want to offend someone?

Weigh in...there's no right or wrong answers - how are you feeling about social media and your circle of friends? Where do you see things five years from now?


Monday, September 24, 2012

Manitowoc Women in Management Welcomes Speaker and Coach Barbara Jordan of AdvanteEdge Success Coaching for the October 9th Program!!!

The Manitowoc Chapter of Women In Management is pleased to welcome speaker, coach, trainer, educator, and business owner Barbara Jordan on Tuesday, October 9th. Thank you to the Card Connection of SendOutCards for sponsoring this exciting program. This event includes lunch, speaker, networking, and the opportunity to give back to the community with a professional clothing drive. Join the Women in Management Group at the Holiday Inn (4601 Calumet St. Manitowoc) starting at 11am to drop off professional clothing and accessories, then lunch at 11:30am and don’t miss Barbara Jordan’s presentation about business etiquette, professionalism, & politics at Noon. The cost to attend includes lunch and is only $13.00 for members or $18.00 for guests and non-members. All professional women are invited to attend.

Please RSVP or send questions/comments to:manitowocwimi@gmail.com by Friday, October 5th.

Women In Management, Inc. (WIMI) is a dynamic group dedicated to the professional growth, development, and success of women. The group strives to promote higher standards for and increase the status, authority, and influence of business and entrepreneurial women. Programs are presented monthly at each chapter for the WIMI membership and guests. More than 350 members belong to one of seven WIMI chapters throughout Wisconsin including Fond du Lac, the Fox Cities, Oshkosh, Manitowoc, Ripon/Green Lake, Sheboygan and Green Bay. For more information about the Manitowoc chapter of Women In Management, Inc.: www.WimiWi.org/chapter/manitowoc

To find out more about speaker Barbara Jordan - check out this link to her company called AdvantEdge Sucess Coaching: 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Elevator Pitch Made Easy

There are three reasons to come up with an elevator pitch:

1-You've been asked to give an elevator pitch...now what?

2-You're stuck in an elevator with a potential client and this is your make it or break it moment.

3-You're a planner and you hope to someday be stuck in an elevator with a potential client and you want to be prepared

Before you get too stressed out about it. Realize that an elevator pitch should take less than 60 seconds and ideally more like 45-50 seconds. Don't start planning yet....just humor me. Close your eyes and count to 50.

That didn't take long at all, did it?

Can you talk to someone for that same short period of time?

Of course you can!!!

Before we talk about WHAT you should say, let's talk about carrying yourself. Eyes up - look at the person you're talking to. Even the most confident people get shy on an elevator or while presenting - don't let that happen to you. You can be the most sincere person in the world, but your audience isn't going to 'get that' about you if they can't see your eyes.

Now wow them with the 3 E's of an Elevator pitch:


In other words: Who are you and what do you do? What can what you do help me with what I do (use my name)? Let me know who you are so I remember you.

Hi Jeff. I'm Crystal Otto with Relax Consulting right here in Two Rivers. I've been meaning to give you a call. I specialize in social media and blogging for small businesses. Don't let the name Relax Consulting deceive you though - there's not foot soak included with the free consultation - but if you'd sit down with me I can definitely bring you a coffee. Jeff, what's the best number to reach you at for a follow up? 

Don't just hand someone your business card and expect them to remember what you do and who you are. In fact, the business card can be your worst enemy. They're looking at the card instead of looking at you. When they get off the elevator they'll toss the card on their desk. Your card won't have made an impression and neither will you. They won't know that you have a great smile, sparkly eyes, straight teeth, a funny personality, etc...if you let a small piece of recycled toilet paper tubes with some ink on them do you marketing, you won't be leaving the impression you meant to. Be prepared!

How you say things is far more important than what you say. Be yourself, be sincere, be genuine, and be engaging. And...if you're here in Two Rivers, Wisconsin - be quick...there's possibly two elevators in the entire town and I'm not sure we have any buildings with more than four floors. Your elevator pitch may need to be ten seconds or less in this town :)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Book Review - The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb

Book Review by Crystal Casavant (Crystal Otto)

“The Hour I First Believed” by Wally Lamb

When you connect with a literary character, that person becomes part of you and when the book has aged and the pages have yellowed, that character remains…and you are changed because of the exchange, the relationship of sorts that you had with that book and the character. Caelum Quirk is more than a character in a fiction novel. Caelum is my friend and brother. His triumphs and trials were described in such a way that I felt we were on a journey together.
Some people question bits and pieces of their past. Caelum Quirk questions everything anyone has ever told him. His birth certificate had been falsified. If the first document about your life is a lie, what else could have been altered? Where do you turn when you want answers and yet are afraid to find them? Caelum returns to the house he was raised in and the town he had left behind. He had hoped to piece together a few bits and pieces. Never could anyone expect to learn what he learned about his ancestors and friends. He found his heritage and created a legacy. The Hour I First Believed is a story of forgiveness and strength. The story is expertly told and will be appreciated for generations.

Lamb writes with a comfortable balance between details, imagery, and emotion. The characters come alive as you envision the cold conversation between a husband and wife who no longer appreciate one another. Rage, concern, jealousy, and love are woven together like a warm sweater. The main character, Caelum Quirk, had not believed in a higher power and without realizing it, there was more that he didn’t believe in. He didn’t believe in himself or those he claimed to love and trust. The system failed him, family failed him, and it wasn’t until he was in the depths of despair that he found what he was looking for.

Until I read The Hour I First Believed, I hadn’t thought much about life after a school shooting. I couldn’t imagine what a family would do if they lost everything in the aftermath of a hurricane. I’ve had friends who have overcome death, divorce, and work problems, but none of their situations is anything like Caelum Quirk’s experience. Lamb takes his reader to a place they might otherwise avoid. Subjects like adultery, homosexuality, slavery, betrayal, abuse, imprisonment, and the justice system are all part of Caelum’s story.

This is a story that you will visit in your mind when you are faced with a difficult situation or decision. You finish the book with a new awareness of the cruel world and a new appreciation for the beauty that blossoms regardless of the cruel surroundings. This is a book about struggle. More importantly, it is a book about triumph, love, forgiveness, and understanding. Lamb has outdone himself and The Hour I First Believed is a must read novel!

Relax Consulting -Proud Supporter of Liysa Callsen's New Book "Tell 'Em"

We are proud to support Liysa Callsen and her project as she launches a new book titled Tell 'Em

Our very own Crystal Casavant-Otto has had an opportunity read and review the book (see below)


Crystal writes: Below is my book review of Tell 'Em by Liysa Callsen - enjoy! If you can help fund the project, there is a link at the top and bottom of the article - donations of any amount are accepted and I know Liysa will appreciate them!

Tell'em by Liysa Callsen is a soulful sharing of one woman's journey in finding herself and her purpose. Callsen pours her soul out to her readers, sharing both triumphs and tribulations. Tell'em is entertaining at times, but at others you just want to grab Liysa and hug her because the imagery is so strong. You feel the pain of the child who is being teased, the child who wants so badly to belong and has no one to turn to because her instinct is to protect the family she loves. She is victim and hero and it's her turn to tell her story!
Tell'em brings to light a world most of us have not had the pleasure to experience - the Deaf world. Callsen entertains, educates, and engages readers by drawing them into a lifetime of situations. From a fight on the playground to secondary education choices, weddings and family vacations. Callsen paints a picture of a life different from most, but yet so similar that the reader feels as if they have just had coffee with a dear friend.
As Liysa goes from child to wife and mother, readers are introduced to those who helped mold her character. The characters are described in such a way that readers can immediately envision them. The loving father who is set in his ways, the younger brother who is independent and self-absorbed, the loving mother who wants a better life for her daughter, and the main character - Callsen herself, a young woman trying to find her way in the world while balancing cautiously between two cultures.
As the story unfolds the writing style and narrative voice becomes stronger and more self-assured. Liysa isn't just sharing her journey in Tell'em, she is bringing readers along on that journey of self-discovery. Readers will find themselves cheering her on as reader and author are forever changed. Less judgmental, more accepting of others, and more likely to share what's on their mind.
Callsen may be a new author, but she brings a lifetime of experience to her tale. She allows the reader to understand the dynamics of growing up in a home with deaf parents. The story is very educational and answers many questions that you may not have felt comfortable asking. She explains things so eloquently and patiently. She writes like she speaks - with her whole self - openly, honestly, and bravely as she shares her story and her soul with the world.
Are you looking for Crystal's style of Executive partnering? Do you have a book you need edited or reviewed? She would be happy to partner with you as she did with today's author.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7273427

May your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, sunshine and stories to tell! ~Crystal

Friday, September 7, 2012

WaterStone Boxers - Testimonial for Relax Consulting

9.6.12 Testimonial:

I have worked with Mrs. Crystal Otto for the past few weeks creating my website. I enjoyed it every minute of the way. Effortless and very intuitive Mrs. Otto knew what I was looking for and how I wanted my website to be presented to the public.

At first I thought her questions a bit odd as I did not know what purpose it would serve for a website I trusted her and answered the questions-yet from those simple 5-6 questions Mrs. Otto seemed to almost read my mind and have a "Vulcan mind meld" and created the website that I would have created myself had I known how to do it.

Mrs. Otto is professional, thoughtful, creative, tech savvy and *so easy to work with*. I have already recommended her to friends and co-workers who are looking for her services. I will continue to do so as I know Mrs. Otto will not disappoint!

Respectfully submitted,

Leyla Gaeth
Waterstone Boxers

Gratitude - Bark Bath & Beyond in Two Rivers Wisconsin

Every phone call to Bark Bath & Beyond in Two Rivers Wisconsin has been pleasurable. (Even when I have to call back because I got the date/time wrong the first time). Then you walk through the door and are greeted warmly. They greet pet and owner by name with a warm smile to go with the warm words. The environment is welcoming and the staff goes out of their way to make the visit enjoyable. I am grateful to have such a fun business right here in Two Rivers Wisconsin. You can take your pet to purchase healthy grain-free food, fun toys, treats, and healthy snacks.

Bark Bath & Beyond
1813 Washington Street
Two Rivers, Wisconsin 54241

You can also get a doggy manicure complete with puppy nail polish, a bath and dry, and complete grooming. Our dog Guapa is pictured below with Lynette who had just finished grooming her. Guapa loves Bark Bath & Beyond and would give them 4 Paws Up and a great barkmendation as a fabulous doggy day spa!

Here is a card we are sending to show our gratitude:

I have to thank Send Out Cards for allowing Relax Consulting, and me personally...Crystal Otto/Crystal Casavant to show appreciation to others. Gratitude is so important in today's busy world, and Send Out Cards allows me to be appreciative and grateful in a efficient and cost-effective way. To learn more, click here: https://www.sendoutcards.com/storefront/crystalcasavant/contact/

Thursday, August 23, 2012

They Said WHAT About Me & My Business?

I (Crystal) just realized that I may have been keeping secrets from you...

The secret I'm talking about is Google Alerts - if you already have one set up, you can quit reading - thanks for the great visit and I hope you're having a RELAXing day!

For those of you who haven't heard of Google Alerts, you can Google it and you'll get a super explanation - (or click here) or here's the short version for those of you who are like me and don't have a ton of time and just want to get down to the 'down and dirty' of it all.

some companies want to charge you to know what people are saying about you and/or your company - but what you do is this (and it's totally free):  you go to this website: http://www.google.com/alerts

and then you can put in a google alert for anything you'd like (Relax Consulting for example) or anyone you'd like (Crystal Casavant for example) and anytime your search criteria are met online (an article, publication, blog, etc...), you'll get an email in your inbox (or now they offer text messages, I think). It's a nice way to hear complaints or accolades right away, when you can either thank the person, or do some damage control to avoid it becoming bigger than life and hurting your business or your reputation.

It's pretty self explanatory, and Google has great helps and explanations along the way - but if you have any questions, let me know and I'd be glad to help. I've had mine set for at least a year and I love it. Sometimes it's the wrong person or business, but you just delete the email. Quick and Easy so YOU can RELAX!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Writing a Business Concept Statement in 250 Words or Less

Writing a Business Concept Statement can be tough enough - doing it in 250 words or less adds to the challenge. Take your entrepreneurial dream and putting it on paper = priceless!

Business Concept Statement

You want to make sure that your business concept includes:

**The features of what your business does (product or service) and why you do it. (take some of the points from your mission statement if you have one).

**The "what's in it for me" for your customers. How will your product or service make it easier for your customer? How will it enhance their life/their experience/their appearance?

**What sets you apart? Why is your business unique?

**Who are your clients or who will they be (target market) and why?

Think like a reporter....

What does company XYZ sell or do?
How is it different from other companies, products, services?
Who will buy ____________?
Why will they buy from you? (ie: price, availability, confidence, etc...)
Where will ______________ be sold/marketed?
When will you sell your products (if this is a start up and you are not established or in growth phase)
How will you market, promote, and inform people about __________________?

Once you get your plan on paper, review it with your team. If you are a solopreneur, review it with someone you have shared your vision with. Ask for input and advice. Once you've polished it, let someone unfamiliar with the business read over your concept statement. You'll need to keep it brief but make sure it conveys everything about your plan for success. An outsider will ask questions and help you see any missing pieces of the puzzle.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Committed Managers or Passionate Leaders?

Committed Managers or Passionate Leaders?
Thousands of Manager Jobs post across the country each day. Many of the job postings say they want a committed manager. Let’s break this down and decide what employers are really looking for. I venture so far as to say that most organizations are seeking passionate leaders and NOT committed managers, and yet many business men and women would say there is little difference between the two.

First, the word committed, by definition means: To put in trust or charge.

A Manager, by definition is: A person responsible for controlling or administering all or part of a company or similar organization.

Combining the two definitions above helps define what a committed manager is. A committed manager is someone in charge who controls those people who answer to them. Take a few moments to think about each word in that definition. The more I think about words like manage and control the less I like the title of manager. I truly believe that animals, and especially humans, were not meant to be controlled. Take the story of Adam and Eve or if you prefer to stay away from the religious side of things, look at how a horse is broken. The key to breaking a horse is to teach them to respond correctly and work with a rider. When training a horse, the goal is to break the horse but not break their spirit. There are countless examples of this: raising children, team sports like football, etc…

None of us want to be controlled. So why do so many of us aspire to be managers. If I don’t want to BE controlled, I should not aspire to control others. This is where the term: Passionate Leader becomes so important.

First, the word passionate, by definition means: having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling.

A Leader, by definition is: A person followed by others.

Combining the two definitions above helps define what a passionate leader is. A passionate leader is someone who has an intense emotion for their profession and someone who others follow. This sounds like something I could aspire to be. I can love what I do and can share that emotion or common goal with others through my own example. No breaking or controlling involved. I am who I am and others want to be like me….hmmmmm….

I guess I know what title I would prefer, and more than just a title – I know which person I would prefer to be.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Register today - Women in Management Event August 14th in Two Rivers, WI


Date:July 23, 2012

RE: Manitowoc Women In Management Chapter -
Garden Tour and Luncheon at Aurora Health Care in Two Rivers,
on August 14th

Publicity Contact:        
Crystal J. Casavant
Phone: 920-645-7529
Email:  CasavantCrystal@gmail.com

For Immediate Release: WIMI Manitowoc - Tuesday August 14th Garden Tour and Luncheon open to all professional women


The Manitowoc Chapter of Women In Management has partnered with Aurora Healthcare to provide a fabulous opportunity for all area professional women on Tuesday, August 14th with open networking and lunch beginning at 11:30am.  This event is a great chance for WIMI members and local professional women to network and learn more about WIMI while touring the Aurora Healthcare Healing Gardens located at 5000 Memorial Drive in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. We will tour the peaceful, serene healing gardens located across from beautiful Lake Michigan. To help ease stress and improve wellbeing for patients and their families, the gardens include waterfalls, dedication bricks, blooms, birds, and more. Open networking and lunch begins at 11:30 with the tour and presentation at noon. The cost to attend includes lunch and is only $10.00 (come for as little or as much of the event as you wish).

Please RSVP or send questions/comments to:manitowocwimi@gmail.com by Friday, August 10th.

Check out our Membership Specials!
WIMI is offering their “Early Bird” Specials until August 31st. Get $10 off membership and save on program fees when you sign up or renew membership before Friday, August 31st. Membership information is available online at: www.WimiWi.org/chapter/manitowoc

Contact Connie Thimmig, Vice President/Membership chair, for more information. 920-284-6584 connie.thimmig@azuramemory.com

Women In Management, Inc. (WIMI) is a dynamic group dedicated to the professional growth, development, and success of women. The group strives to promote higher standards for and increase the status, authority, and influence of business and entrepreneurial women. Programs are presented monthly at each chapter for the WIMI membership and guests. More than 350 members belong to one of seven WIMI chapters throughout Wisconsin including Fond du Lac, the Fox Cities, Oshkosh, Manitowoc, Ripon/Green Lake, Sheboygan and Green Bay. For more information about the Manitowoc chapter of Women In Management, Inc.: www.WimiWi.org/chapter/manitowoc


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fabulous Friday includes Fabulous Recipes Now!

Last Fabulous Friday was a bust (no submissions), so this Friday we will include recipe ideas and here's the first one:

Apple Pear Poppyseed Salad!

Salad Ingredients:
16oz lettuce (spinach or romaine)
6oz cheese - shredded (we like swiss)
1c roasted cashews (salted)
1/2c craisins or dried cranberries (if in door county, substitute with dried cherries)
1 large apple thinly sliced (we like keeping the peeling on)
1 large pear thinly sliced (same as above - we like the peeling)

Dressing Ingredients:
2/3c light olive oil (extra virgin)
1/2c sugar
1/3c lemon juice
2T poppy seeds
2t chopped onions (the finer the better)
1t dijon mustard
1/2t salt (sea salt is best)

combine salad ingredients in a bowl
combine dressing ingredients in a separate bowl
toss salad and dressing together just before serving (chilled plates are a nice touch)

    Monday, July 9, 2012

    Women in Management - Manitowoc Chapter - Membership Special!

    Women in Management ~ This summer, the Manitowoc WIMI Chapter is offering July and August socials to stay connected as well as some GREAT MEMBERSHIP SPECIALS, such as our ‘Early Bird” special– Get $10 off membership and save on program fees when you sign up or renew before Friday, August 31st.  Add your name and your business to Manitowoc Counties WIMI group for powerful networking opportunities with well-connected women.  Contact Connie Thimmig, Vice President/Membership chair, for more information. 920-284-6584 manitowocwimi@gmail.com

    Sunday, July 1, 2012

    Women in Management Networking Event July 10th at the Manitowoc Public Library

    Join the Manitowoc Chapter of Women in Management for the July 10th Networking Social at the Manitowoc Public Library and learn about the "Library's Best Kept Business Resources" and take a behind the scenes tour!

    *Open to all area professional women
    *Starts with lunch at 11:30am
    *$10 to attend - RSVP To: manitowocwimi@gmail.com

    11:30AM Tuesday, July 10th - Manitowoc Public Library (707 Quay St. Manitowoc, WI 54220)

    Wednesday, June 27, 2012

    New Five Star Rating & Fabulous Review for Relax Consulting!

    We just received a five star rating and fabulous review from one of our newest clients. Here's the scoop:

    5 Stars from the team at Wick's World of Wood http://wicksworldofwood.com/

    Crystal's Professionalism is Second to None!

    Our company had Relax Consulting work on some advertising designs for a new campaign. The level of professionalism was second to none. We received the designs on time and they were just what we were looking for. We look forward to working with Crystal in the future.


    Monday, June 25, 2012

    Rewards Should NOT Be Complicated

    As am employer, marketing professional, or parent, keep in mind that rewards should not be overly complicated. If you make them too complicated, they will not inspire or motivate which was likely your intent from the beginning.

    Not sure you agree?

    Do you choose a grocery store where you are required to use a card to get a discount and then do you use a gas station where you have to use your grocery card to get reduced price gas? Maybe you do and maybe you don't...but in reality, it's complicated for most people. I need to find my coupons, remember what day is double coupon day, find my grocery list, make sure I have my card...then I need to make sure I have enough points on my card to warrant driving out of my way to the gas station that accepts the card and I need to make sure that I'm making that drive on a day that I need gas and prior to the points expiring. If I choose not to use the points for gas, then I can redeem them for a particular item on a particular day or something to that extent.

    Really? I'll be honest with you...I usually drive across town to the discount store that doesn't take coupons, doesn't have a store card, offers no gimmicks or incentives, and simply provides me with quality service, products, and price. We are all very busy and simple goes quite far.

    Keep rewards simple and more people will be interested in them. Make them too complicated and you'll defeat the purpose.


    Tuesday, June 19, 2012

    Two Paws Up for Waiting for Your Cat to Bark by Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg

    Two Paws Up for Waiting for Your Cat to Bark by Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg

    I purchased Waiting for Your Cat to Bark by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg. This particular read was recommended by a successful business associate, and I really liked the catchy title. I am generally a dog person, but I have owned cats. If your cat is barking, it likely has a hairball and you can imagine what happens next. I can’t say I’ve ever been waiting for my cat to bark but I love marketing ideas and I was told how business savvy the Eisenberg brothers were. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy the book. Now I know this book will be on my bookshelf twenty years from now. This is a great read and I’d give it two paws up (in keeping with the cat and dog theme).

    Waiting for Your Cat to Bark helps readers prepare for the today’s tech savvy consumers who want to be engaged and are not looking to be sold on products and services. The Eisenberg brothers explain the power of Persuasion Architecture ™ and the importance of setting goals, measuring results, and changing course as needed to reach your target audience. Today’s customers don’t make purchases or decisions the way they did twenty years ago. If we are using the same marketing strategies we were in the past, our businesses will fail.

    The Small Business Association announced in 2011 there were 27+ Million Small Businesses in the United States, between 60% and 80% of all new jobs in the United States are attributed to Small Business, and from the point of startup, only 44% will survive four years. As business owners, if we aren’t following some sort of business model, we will be searching for another line of work. When our businesses fail, it also affects our self-esteem and our personal relationships. We cannot afford to get so involved in the day to day operations of our business that we neglect our marketing plan.

    Waiting for Your Cat to Bark explains the four dimensions of sales complexity and goes into great detail about the human operating system. Marketing isn’t just about developing a product and selling it. Today’s customer is in control and successful businesses understand they need to provide value in addition to their core product and service. To provide someone with value, you must understand what motivates them and you need to position yourself in such a way that you are partnering with them to achieve a common goal. Today’s customers will buy, but they do not want to be sold. If customer satisfaction is truly a thing of the past and customer loyalty is the key, we should all want dogs instead of trying to convert our cats into ‘man’s best friend’. If we want our dogs to be loyal, we need to treat them right, spend time with them, and understand what brings them the most joy. As a customer, wouldn’t we all love that kind of attention and appreciation? As a business owner, don’t we look at that kind of loyalty of priceless?

    Waiting for Your Cat to Bark is the business book you’ll want on your book shelf years from now. The cover will become tattered because you will reference it time and time again. Two paws up for a priceless marketing guide. Some might say if you have a marketing model or you are starting a new business you need this book. I would go so far as to say boldly: If you have a product or service to sell, you cannot afford to wait another day to get your copy of Waiting for Your Cat to Bark. Regardless of your niche or level of experience, there is something to learn from the Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg.

    For more information or to interact with Bryan and Jeff, check out there website: http://www.bryaneisenberg.com/