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Monday, July 30, 2012

Committed Managers or Passionate Leaders?

Committed Managers or Passionate Leaders?
Thousands of Manager Jobs post across the country each day. Many of the job postings say they want a committed manager. Let’s break this down and decide what employers are really looking for. I venture so far as to say that most organizations are seeking passionate leaders and NOT committed managers, and yet many business men and women would say there is little difference between the two.

First, the word committed, by definition means: To put in trust or charge.

A Manager, by definition is: A person responsible for controlling or administering all or part of a company or similar organization.

Combining the two definitions above helps define what a committed manager is. A committed manager is someone in charge who controls those people who answer to them. Take a few moments to think about each word in that definition. The more I think about words like manage and control the less I like the title of manager. I truly believe that animals, and especially humans, were not meant to be controlled. Take the story of Adam and Eve or if you prefer to stay away from the religious side of things, look at how a horse is broken. The key to breaking a horse is to teach them to respond correctly and work with a rider. When training a horse, the goal is to break the horse but not break their spirit. There are countless examples of this: raising children, team sports like football, etc…

None of us want to be controlled. So why do so many of us aspire to be managers. If I don’t want to BE controlled, I should not aspire to control others. This is where the term: Passionate Leader becomes so important.

First, the word passionate, by definition means: having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling.

A Leader, by definition is: A person followed by others.

Combining the two definitions above helps define what a passionate leader is. A passionate leader is someone who has an intense emotion for their profession and someone who others follow. This sounds like something I could aspire to be. I can love what I do and can share that emotion or common goal with others through my own example. No breaking or controlling involved. I am who I am and others want to be like me….hmmmmm….

I guess I know what title I would prefer, and more than just a title – I know which person I would prefer to be.


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