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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Take Your FB Page To Level P

Your business has a Facebook page, you have followers, you're actively posting, and you're following the E 'rules' about posting: You are Engaging your audience, You are Entertaining your audience, and you are Educating your audience. You may have even figured out (based on your audience and followers/friends) that Monday is the best day to Engage, Wednesday is the best day to Educate, and Friday is the best day to Entertain. What can you do to take things to the next level and what on earth is the next level?

I like to call the next level 'Level P' and the reason I chose P is because, when you get to the next level, you'll find all sorts of things beginning with that letter:




Whether your page has a single administrator or several administrators/contributors, getting Personal is important. Somewhere in your 'about' section, you should explain who your administrators are. For example: This page has three administrators: Jill is our upbeat office manager who is passionate about art and puppies, she signs her posts <3 Jill. Ben is another administrator and he loves traveling, sailing, and food, he will likely be the one posting photographs of the Ocean, and mouthwatering recipes. Ben uses his initials and a smile when he signs BB :) Crystal is the creator of the page and founder of the business. She is a busy mother and is married to a dairy farmer, she will be posting pictures of cows, fields, and household tips. Crystal just posts with her name. We hope you enjoy our page and we look forward to your comments.

You'll get a Positive reaction once you start getting Personal with your page. People will see that you are passionate about what you do (what you sell, etc...)! People love People and People love People who get Personal with them in a Positive way. Take for example, Festival Foods. When you call the store, the recording says "Hi, this is the Festival Guy" it could easily say "Thank you for Calling Festival Foods" but there's something much more personal and positive about the tone of "Hi, this is the Festival Guy". Try giving a little more personality to your FB page by telling us about your Administrators, and then sign each post with the name of the poster. You'll find more people commenting, sharing, etc... and all of this creates customer loyalty. We all know that a loyal customer is the key to sustaining a small or large business in today's economy.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Benefits of Self Care

Haven't you found in life that situations and relationships are made easier if you have a better understanding of those around you (especially those closest to you)? Of course!

When is the last time that you made a list of the things that are most important to you?

Take a moment and make that list - as you do, you'll gain a better understanding of self as well as be better equipped to deal with others and the stressful situations that become part of every day life.

Sample List:
Family Time
Worship Time
Conversations with Friends and Loved Ones
Looking and Feeling my Best (Health)
Eating Right and Cooking Meals at Home

Realistically, none of us are wearing just one hat in this life. We are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, business owners and employees, etc... and when we are so busy juggling those many titles and the responsibilities that go with them, we sometimes lose sight of not only our professional goals, but we can lose sight of 'self' too. The further away we stray from what is important at our core, the more difficult day to day activities can become. We need to take time for ourselves and what is important to us. As we give ourselves this gift of time, we will find ourselves better equipped to give others what they need.