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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spending Too Much Time Managing Your Social Media?

Are you (or someone within your organization) spending too much time managing your social media? There is a tool out there to help you. If you haven't heard of Hoot Suite/ HootSuite, let me quickly explain how you can save time and still engage your audience of consumers and potential consumers. Once I explain, you can go right to their site for more details and to set up your account. If you need more help, let me know. Here's the link to their site: http://hootsuite.com/

Whether you have one social media (ie: Facebook) or several; (ie: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), you can use Hoot Suite to do your updates. The features of Hoot Suite include the ability to sign in once and use the same update on several sites, the ability to post-date your posts or schedule them out in the future, and it's nice to have a single location and just one place to use as a hub for your social media.

Oh yes ... the best part? The basic plan is FREE! Yes, I said FREE!

I have a friend who runs a not for profit program and she has exciting events planned from now until the fall. I believe it's something like 6 events in all. I believe her organization has just a FB page to manage, but if she uses Hoot Suite, she can log in today and post updates for these future events and use the Hoot Suite calendar to choose the future dates. She could schedule a post for next month reminding people to sign up for the golf outing, then post something in July about the tennis tournament and the beach volleyball party, etc... since she would be doing a lot of the set up now, she would free up quite a bit of her time on a daily basis allowing her some quiet time for thinking, planning, or for family and friends.

I'm sure you can figure out how this would look for your business. You wouldn't want to schedule too far in advance or forget about making your posts personal and timely, but this may still be a tool that could free up some of your time for working on other aspects of your life or business.



  1. Looking to compare Hoot Suite to Tweet Deck? This article is helpful: http://news.yahoo.com/twitter-management-hootsuite-vs-tweetdeck-vs-seesmic-164500735.html

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