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Friday, May 4, 2012

Administrative Consultants - Finding New Clients

This blog is a business tool, but should also be a resource for other Administrative Consultants. I have been blessed and accepted with open arms into the world of administrative consulting and I am proud to be listed in the directory of Administrative Consultants  which is helping me to build my business. I also have more good news I want to share with you!

Danielle Keister is the founder of the Administrative Consultant Association and is an Administrative Consulting Expert and she has developed a great resource for administrative consultants looking for new clients - download your FREE copy now: http://www.administrativeconsultantsassoc.com/howtogetclients Danielle also offers insight, tools, blogs, advice, and forms on her website. Whether you are a business owner looking to partner with or learn more about an Administrative Consultant, or you are a motivated individual thinking about starting his/her own Administrative Consulting business, you'll find something of value from the Administrative Consultants Association.

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