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Thursday, May 17, 2012

What People Are Reading - Written By Crystal Casavant

What People Are Reading (this week)
I love the creative part of my job, but I have to be mindful that I’m meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of my customers, potential customers, and supporters. So, I must pay attention to what is driving traffic to my website, what times I post, etc…and I’m always a little surprised at what people are reading. Each of my blogs has a statistics page to show the most heavily viewed or trafficked posts (as does Ezine). Below you’ll find a top ten list for popular posts. This may be helpful if you’ve read something and liked it, and you want to read more but don’t have time to read everything. So here goes (starting with the most popular - and YES, each title is a hyperlink to the post/article so you can easily read it if you have not done so already):

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