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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Build Your Network Ladies - follow the Best Business Blogs for Women!

There are a few different ways to learn and I try to learn from others although my skinned knees and scars (and my mother if you call and ask her) will tell a different story about my pre-disposition to taking the long way around. I have often told others that it's important to network with other successful people and learn from them. Sometimes that can be hard based on busy schedules, location, work environment, etc...and if that's the case, I highly recommend finding a blog, blogger, or website that aligns with your goals and objectives and then subscribe to follow. You don't have to agree with everything and you don't have to follow forever. It's just a nice passive way to network and align yourself with successful people (and it's usually free)!

Here are some suggestions I found at: http://shetakesontheworld.net/ (and P.S. it's my goal to be included in this list someday)

The 30 Best Business Blogs for Women

topblogawardMillions of women write blogs but only a small fraction write blogs about business. The majority of blogs on topics relating to business and entrepreneurship are written by men yet women are starting small businesses at twice the rate of our male counterparts. While there are many great business blogs written by both men and women, women often have a different perspective on entrepreneurship and business. For this reason She Takes On The World wants to recognize outstanding business blogs for women. These 30 women mean business:
Susan GuneliusWomen On Business -Reading Women On Business is a like having your own personal mentor. It is written by powerhouse entrepreneur and author, Susan Gunelius, along with other guest contributors.
lindasmithLinda’s Business Blog -Linda Smith is a content Queen and I love her style of writing. I have learned a lot from her posts since I started reading her blog last year and I’m sure you will too.
sabrina parsonsMommy CEO -Sabrina Parsons writes about business and life as a mom and CEO. If you want to learn about running a company and work-life balance, she is who you want to learn from. Read part 1 and part 2 of my interview with Sabrina.
bossladiesThe Boss of You -Co-written by successful entrepreneur duo, Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears, The Boss of You is all about learning to run a business doing what you love. The Boss of You is also a book, published by Seal Press.
yvonne divitaLipsticking -Lipsticking is always a great read. Owner and author, Yvonne DiVita, is an expert on publishing and marketing. She was one of the first women to reach out to me when I started She Takes On The World (then called Taking On the World in 4 Inch Heels). Thanks Yvonne! This blog has come a long way since then.
laura westJoyful Business Blog -Laura West fuses smart business practices with the law of attraction in her unique approach to starting a small business and breaking through personal barriers.
toby bloombergDiva Marketing Blog -Pro marketer and owner of Bloomberg Marketing, Toby Bloomberg navigates marketing in the 21st century with charm. I love her fun approach to marketing online.
kelly king andersonStartup Princess -Founded by Kelly King Anderson, Startup Princess is a network of business women and features a wide variety of articles. The Startup & Grow section is particularly useful for women entrepreneurs.
laurel delaneyEscape from Corporate America -If you dream of being an entrepreneur but need a push, you have to read this blog by global small business consultant and author, Laurel Delaney.
liz straussSuccessful Blog -Liz Strauss delves into one of the most important parts of building a business –building a base of loyal customers. This woman has heart and is known for responding to the thousands of comments left by her readers.
laura riesRies’ Pieces -Laura Ries, co-founder of the consulting company Ries & Ries, is a power marketer, branding strategist and bestselling author. She explores branding strategies of top companies.
leigh householderAdvergirl -If you don’t already have Advergirl by Leigh Householder in your Google Reader, add it! Leigh discusses branding, social media, and marketing. I guarantee you will have at least a few “AHA” moments.
simone brummelhuisThe Next Women -This online business magazine, founded by Simone Brummelhuis, features businesses that are led by women and profiles a “Female Internet Hero” each month. It’s always nice to read stories about women making it big and getting recognized.
denise lee yohnBrand as Business Bites -Branding expert, Denise Lee Yohn, is a sought after consultant and public speaker. She will help you build a power brand from the ground up.
coree silveraMarket Like a Chick -Pro marketer, Coree Silvera, tells it like it is and examines marketing from a female perspective. She focuses on internet marketing but also writes about business and interviews top women in the marketing industry.
Shawn DriscollLead the Way -Shawn Driscoll uses her blog to coach entrepreneurs on how to overcome challenges that prevent business growth. Shawn gets you to ask yourself important questions that will help you be more successful.
kelly watsonOne Woman Marketing -Kelly Watson is a marketing consultant and copywriter who coaches businesswomen on finding the right way to market themselves both online and offline.
cecilia edwardsCecilia Edwards’ Blog -Cecilia is a former rocket scientist (yes, rock scientist!) turned value creation expert, consulting with entrepreneurs around the world. She writes about strategies that will get your business results.
pam slimEscape from Cubicle Nation -Pam Slim is certified as a master coach and shares her expertise on making the transition from corporate worker to thriving entrepreneur. Pam’s passion shines through her posts.
Michele MillerWonder Branding -Marketing goddess, Michele Miller, shares her views on female consumerism and how to connect to your female customers. She is an author, international speaker, and partner in an advertising consulting firm that works with major brands across North America.
ali brownAli Brown’s Blog -Ali Brown shares her secrets to success. She is a successful entrepreneur and on a mission to help women make all their dreams come true through entrepreneurship.
beth harteThe Harte of Marketing -Beth Harte is a professor and speaker with over 15 years of marketing and communications experience. She is not afraid to speak her mind and share her opinions, which are usually spot-on!
carrie wilkersonThe Barefoot Executive’s Blog -Carrie Wilkerson has built several successful businesses and now coaches others to do the same. Her blog is a must read for work-from-home women.
nina kaufmanMaking It Legal -Award-winning business attorney, Nina Kaufman, helps entrepreneurs to navigate through all sorts of legal barriers and issues you may face as you grow your business.
wendy piersallSparkplugging -Wendy Piersall is the founder and main author at Sparkplugging, a must-read for solopreneurs. She is a passionate expert on blogging, new media, and starting micro-businesses.
erica brooksA Woman in Business -Erica Brooks, a small business owner and mom of two, shares her experiences and business resources to help women start, manage and market a small business.
kami_watson_huyseCommunication Overtones -Kami Watson Huyse is a public relations expert and founder of the agency, My PR Pro. She writes about marketing, public relations, and social media for businesses.
lynn terryClickNewz -Lynn Terry is a full-time internet marketer who has started or been involved with many successful online businesses. She posts daily about creative strategies and tips to help you grow your online business.
ardath albeeMarketing Interactions -Ardath Albee is a customer service and marketing expert who uses her blog to connect “the process and the people.” She is the CEO of her marketing company, Marketing Interactions.
Do you have any favorite business blogs by women that you don’t see on this list? Tell us in a comment below.

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