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Monday, May 28, 2012

Grab a Spoon - Stir That Pot!

Crystal here, with some thoughts that have been on my mind. I am the type of person who asks questions about everything. Yup...it was annoying in first grade and it's still really annoying...BUT...if knowledge is power and you gain knowledge by asking questions then she who asks the most questions wins, right? Not that life is a game of winning or losing or a game at all, it just reminds me of that saying "he who dies with the most toys wins" which also holds no water, so just something funny. OK - now for the point.

I worked for a decade in an environment where one of our rules to live by included the phrase "don't stir the pot" and I understood what was meant by the saying so I never questioned it. In context, it simply meant that you shouldn't gossip about something, just get back to work. That's a great philosophy, but last week or so I started thinking about the saying itself in the literal sense. Can't believe it took me this long, but I guess I was too busy to question it...anyway, now I ask: What happens if you don't stir a pot?

*the food burns
*your mean sticks and the pot is ruined
*the meal becomes inedible
*your hard work preparing the meal goes down the drain
*the house smells like charred food
*your family never gets to sit down to a hot meal

So...grab a spoon and stir that pot. The difference between stirring the pot and gossiping needs to be clearly defined though. Make sure you're talking to the RIGHT people, about the RIGHT things, for the RIGHT reasons and providing solutions. Otherwise, you still end up with stinky air, a ruined pot, and you never get to enjoy the delicious meal.

Pretty random thoughts and hope this wasn't too hard to follow - just felt I had to share.

I'm off to go grab a spoon and stir the pot (of spaghetti that is - at least at our house tonight)!


Do you have other sayings that are just plain funny or you wonder where they came from or what they mean? Post them here, it would be great to discuss them!

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