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Monday, May 14, 2012

What is Relax Consulting?

What is Relax Consulting?
I get asked this question a lot, and when I try to answer using a title or reference to another business, I feel like I'm trying to stick a square peg in a round hole. Administrative Consulting or Virtual Assisting is 'sort of' what I do...but more of some and less of other things that those type of companies provide. What Relax Consulting is, is an extension of me. We do the things that I'm good at and the things I enjoy - and we do them for the people I enjoy spending my time with. 

I am reading a book by Tim Ferriss called the Four Hour Work Week where he talks about controlling the W's in your life, which lets you control, WHAT you do, WHEN you do it, WHERE you do it, and with WHOM. And that's exactly what Relax Consulting is. I help companies and individuals with marketing, writing, team building, presentation creation/polishing, etc...and it do it on my terms to fit into my family schedule, I do it from my home (or remotely - gotta love technology - ie: from the beach), and I get to choose my clients which means I have the ability to work with only those people I want to work with.

So, to answer the initial question of what Relax Consulting is, it's a chance for someone who is frustrated by their limitations, to sit down and talk to someone who has insightful ideas, positive energy, and a passion for life. We can talk about plans, goals, and ideas, and see if we can help one another. This may mean I help you design a website and teach someone at your office how to maintain it and link together your social media, or it may mean you call me once in a while to write a blog or proof read a presentation. 

In the end - Relax Consulting is about building relationships, building up one another, and going back to the basics of life where one hand washes the other and ideas can be shared and created openly and honestly among people that respect one another.

That's the scoop - and as I learn more things, or hire additional teammates, Relax Consulting will become bigger, better, and we will expand into different business spaces. It's all about embracing diversity and individuality as well as driving change!


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