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Monday, April 2, 2012

How Do You Start a Business?

If you asked me that today, I would still answer it the way I did a month ago..."I'm really not sure"

That's the truth - if you ask enough people, you simply get confused.

Starting a business reminds me of parenting, you just do what sounds right and you do it with the best of intentions. You learn along the way, you make mistakes, you apologize, and you recover. See...?? Just like raising children!

I will catch you up on a few things that have taken place since Relax Consulting went from a dream to reality (or almost a reality...I don't think you can call it a reality until you have money in the door).

-Step 1...move everything out of the foyer and sitting room to create an office with a view

-Step 2...purple paint...everywhere...

-Step 3...remove purple paint from all surfaces other than the walls and ceilings it has affixed itself to

-Step 4...redo nails - - removing paint from hard wood floor is heck on a manicure

-Step 5...pick out a lighting fixture (lucky for me I found one in a crawl space in the basement)

-Step 6...hang light fixture

-Step 7...realize light fixture is too heavy...what a mess

-Step 8...create reinforced thingy dingy to hold fixture to ceiling and re-plaster...back to step 2/3/4

-Step 9...go to City Hall to read codes about working from home

-Step 10...cut check to City Hall and promise to give them your first born if you don't follow the codes

-Step 11...go to County Assessors office (they refer you to the clerk who refers you to the property office who refers you back to the assessor - it's a blurr but I remember a form, a signature, a notary, and a check being cut)

-Step 12...figure out social media and lots of it so people know who you are

-Step 13...create a business plan (most people would have done this first - I didn't say I did everything right)

-Step 14...take classes to brush up on pertinent knowledge

-Step 15...schedule appointment with Economic Development, contact the Chamber, and most importantly, buy art work for the wall of your office

-Step 15...talk to as many successful people as you can find - buy them coffee, buy them lunch, pick their brain and try to learn something (enjoy the lunch too)

-Step 16...buy new desk chair to cure back ache from sitting too long

-Step 17...move coffee station into your office so you can work longer hours

This about sums up what you've been missing. And now, I'll be trying to figure out what tools I need to assemble the desk chair(s) that were delivered this morning. I got two...one for me and one for YOU!

Next time you drop by, you'll have to test drive the new chair - - I didn't get top of the line but I didn't cheap out either...looking for something comfy & classy (like those of us sitting in them). Pictures to follow (and if no pictures appear, it means I probably hurt myself trying to use a wrench or that thingy with the red handle).

Ta Ta For Now - May your paths be abundantly filled with Lemons, Sugar, and Sunshine!


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