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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Who Gets The Mail Today?

"Who Gets The Mail Today?" is a common question at my house. The children aren't old enough to read, and yet there is great anticipation over the mail that arrives in the box each day. The children alternate mail days and it is a privilege that is sometimes lost for bad behavior...and losing that privilege is a big deal when you are 3 & 5.

Here's why it's a big deal...they longingly await a card or a letter of their own - and let's face it, don't we wait too? It's overwhelming to have 5 emails in your inbox in the morning, but it's the opposite with the mailbox - wouldn't you be filled with joy to receive 5 greeting cards in the mail? Are you like me? Do you save those cards and their kind words, their sweet sentiments, their lovely pictures? And email...voicemail...what happens to those sentiments after you've listened to them?

I still have cards sent to me from highschool graduation, the birth of each child, etc...and some more special ones have found their way into frames and photo albums. They mean something, they are as special as the person who sent them. My life was touched in one way or another.

Today I learned how I can pass this joy along to others - I learned about Send Out Cards - an economical and environmentally friendly way to appreciate others and bring them joy...and I can do it from the comfort of my own home or office without having to start the car or run to the store - and it's way more personal than an email.

If you'd like to learn more or see Send Out Cards in action, let me know...by calling: 920-645-7529 or emailing: crystal@relaxconsulting.com

This is also a great tool for businesses - see some examples below:

-birthday wishes for existing customers/clients (doctors/dentists/chiropractors)
-appointment reminders for existing customers/client (medical professionals)
-welcome to town, let me tell you about my business card for new folks in your town
-thank you for your business cards
-follow up cards
-for real estate professionals - a great way to say congratulations and thank you to a new home owner
-designing and printing your own business cards
-creating photo gifts (yes - including iphone cases)

I would love to tell you more, let me know how I can help so you can relax!


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