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Monday, April 2, 2012

A successful business...or not?

I say successful, but since we aren't officially 'open for business' we don't fall under any category as far as pass and fail. As far as success goes, today was successful - with some help, I turned 3 boxes into 2 office chairs that haven't fallen apart yet (the third box contained printer cartridges, folders, and coffee - no assembly required).

The project was complete in plenty of time to make dinner and then relax at my keyboard with a glass of wine. As promised, there are pictures:

#1 - this was the hopeless situation (ie: time to read the instructions)

Now...time to ask for help...he may be 3, but he's a patient lad! (and handier than his mommy)

and now the fun begins...this is AFTER the children were tucked safe in their beds...
Mom gets to RELAX!

Have a great night one and all - YOU deserve it!


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