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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two Paws Up for Waiting for Your Cat to Bark by Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg

Two Paws Up for Waiting for Your Cat to Bark by Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg

I purchased Waiting for Your Cat to Bark by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg. This particular read was recommended by a successful business associate, and I really liked the catchy title. I am generally a dog person, but I have owned cats. If your cat is barking, it likely has a hairball and you can imagine what happens next. I can’t say I’ve ever been waiting for my cat to bark but I love marketing ideas and I was told how business savvy the Eisenberg brothers were. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy the book. Now I know this book will be on my bookshelf twenty years from now. This is a great read and I’d give it two paws up (in keeping with the cat and dog theme).

Waiting for Your Cat to Bark helps readers prepare for the today’s tech savvy consumers who want to be engaged and are not looking to be sold on products and services. The Eisenberg brothers explain the power of Persuasion Architecture ™ and the importance of setting goals, measuring results, and changing course as needed to reach your target audience. Today’s customers don’t make purchases or decisions the way they did twenty years ago. If we are using the same marketing strategies we were in the past, our businesses will fail.

The Small Business Association announced in 2011 there were 27+ Million Small Businesses in the United States, between 60% and 80% of all new jobs in the United States are attributed to Small Business, and from the point of startup, only 44% will survive four years. As business owners, if we aren’t following some sort of business model, we will be searching for another line of work. When our businesses fail, it also affects our self-esteem and our personal relationships. We cannot afford to get so involved in the day to day operations of our business that we neglect our marketing plan.

Waiting for Your Cat to Bark explains the four dimensions of sales complexity and goes into great detail about the human operating system. Marketing isn’t just about developing a product and selling it. Today’s customer is in control and successful businesses understand they need to provide value in addition to their core product and service. To provide someone with value, you must understand what motivates them and you need to position yourself in such a way that you are partnering with them to achieve a common goal. Today’s customers will buy, but they do not want to be sold. If customer satisfaction is truly a thing of the past and customer loyalty is the key, we should all want dogs instead of trying to convert our cats into ‘man’s best friend’. If we want our dogs to be loyal, we need to treat them right, spend time with them, and understand what brings them the most joy. As a customer, wouldn’t we all love that kind of attention and appreciation? As a business owner, don’t we look at that kind of loyalty of priceless?

Waiting for Your Cat to Bark is the business book you’ll want on your book shelf years from now. The cover will become tattered because you will reference it time and time again. Two paws up for a priceless marketing guide. Some might say if you have a marketing model or you are starting a new business you need this book. I would go so far as to say boldly: If you have a product or service to sell, you cannot afford to wait another day to get your copy of Waiting for Your Cat to Bark. Regardless of your niche or level of experience, there is something to learn from the Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg.

For more information or to interact with Bryan and Jeff, check out there website: http://www.bryaneisenberg.com/

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