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Monday, June 18, 2012

Playing With New Facebook Features

Who doesn't like to try something new every now and again? Admit it, it's more fun to use the brand new tube of lipstick even though there's a few days left on the old one...and for you men, same thing with the bar of soap in the shower. New usually means exciting...UNLESS...you don't have clear instructions or previous knowledge to help guide you.

Facebook changes quickly. They have to, because in the world of technology, if you aren't changing you are falling behind. Take some time this week to play with some of the new Facebook Features. To get you started, here are some step by step instructions how you can use your Facebook business page to help highlight other businesses in your network, add information about the key players of the business, and limit administrator privileges.

To Work With Administrator Privileges, follow the instructions below:

From the Home Screen, Click "Edit Page" (screen shot below)

Choose Admin Roles from the drop down (screen shot below)

The next screen allows you to add managers, creators, and different levels of administrators and then give them the appropriate title and abilities (screen shot below)
For an explanation of the different roles - see this link: https://www.facebook.com/help/?page=394501407235259

Now...to use your page to highlight other business pages, follow the instructions below:

From the Home Screen, Click "Edit Page" (screen shot below)
Click "Update Info" which will bring you to the following screen (on the left hand side):

Choose the option titled "Featured". This will bring you to an editable screen including all of the pages you have liked (see example below).

In the example above, I chose "Fallier Automotive" and 4 others, so now my Featured Likes list, looks like this:

When you go to the Relax Consulting main Facebook page, you'll see these pages being featured. This is a great way to help other businesses get the word out about their Facebook pages.

To Learn how to Feature a Page Owner on the Left Side of Your Business Page, see instructions below:

From the screen you were just on to choose Featured Likes, there is an area directly beneath it that allows you to choose who the Featured Page Owner is. You can only choose one and their information will be highlighted on the left side of the page. This can be changed as often as you wish (ie: you have 2 owners, you may want to alternate weeks or whatever fits with your marketing agenda)

Hope this was helpful & here's the finished product: http://www.facebook.com/successwithrelax

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