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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Starter Business Tips

Every day I keep learning more and more. I am quite thankful that I'm not launching this business until September - there really is a lot more to do that one would think. I have the paper confirming registration of the company name (that was the trip to the Manitowoc Court House) and I have the permit for a home based business (that was Two Rivers City Hall) and I've got the websites, blogs, publishing links for ezine, etc...and today I met with the insurance agent. I don't need E&O insurance exactly...what I need is D&O insurance - and here's the link to Wikipedia if you'd like to learn more - but basically it's directors and officers insurance - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Directors_and_officers_liability_insurance and then there's another type of insurance for home based businesses that protects me while I'm working at home and if I go to another business site I'm covered there too. So - that was today's lesson. I probably should have talked to the insurance agent and an accountant ahead of time, but since the business isn't officially "open for business" I still have plenty of time. So add these to the list of things today before starting your own business.

This school of hard knocks sure is an exciting place!

On that note, have a fabulous evening!


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