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Friday, July 26, 2013

What Will Become of All This?

Maybe it's a morbid thought - but what will become of all this if something were to happen to me? I've got a plan for the children, my friends might divvy up my clothes, my daughter will no doubt take all my autographed books, I'm sure some organist somewhere will be happy to have my music, but what about my business? Who is going to update my blog? What about my business FB page? What about my website?

I guess what prompted this thinking is a stop at a blog. It was a nice blog with some great material, but nothing has been posted since 2009 and I found myself wondering "what ever happened to _______" and then I realized this could easily happen to me if I don't put something in motion.

If you have a big business you likely have a succession plan. Why not have something similar for your small business?

I don't expect my husband to update my blogs, continue reading and reviewing books, and I wouldn't expect him to do much of anything with my novel ... although I might sell more copies after death than before, but that's an artistic conversation we should be having over wine, right?

I would recommend at the very least, having someone you trust who has access as an administrator or who has all the passwords for your various 'accounts'. They would be able to put a final post on your blog about the circumstances surrounding your death and possibly let people know about the funeral arrangements or how they might be able to donate to a certain cause in your honor. It doesn't have to be a formal plan, just something...

What do you have planned? What would be best for your business?

Night all -


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