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Friday, July 12, 2013

Marketing Your Book (Traditionally Published or Self Published)

If you are planning on writing a book, it's never too early or too late to think about the marketing side of writing. Ideally, you would put the wheels in motion before the book is published, but none of these steps are too terribly time consuming that you won't be able to do them after publication. Remember, this is no time to be shy; you've accomplished something incredibly amazing - get out there and show it off!!!

1) Become a household name (and not just in your own household)
  a-Start a Twitter account or polish up your existing account (ie: add that you are an author/add a headshot)
  b-Create a FB page separate from your personal page and make sure it reads John Smith, Author
  c-Create a Goodreads profile and then upgrade it to an author profile (or if you had one, polish it up with
      your latest biography information and your adorable head shot)
  d-If you have a blog, make sure you are posting things of value as well as self-promotion about your book
      if you don't have a blog - create one (wordpress or blogger are fine)
  e- If you have a website, make sure all your information is easy to find and that it is accurate (if you don't
      have a website, you could make this work without one, so this isn't totally mandatory)
  f- If you have a google account, upgrade to Google Plus so you can share with your circles (if you don't
      a gmail account it's free and takes moments - create one using your most professional author name -
      meaning 'I<2Skittles' is probably not the one you want to be using full time right now

2) Get yourself out there - write a few Amazon reviews for other authors, follow a writerly blog or two (if you need suggestions, let me know) and definitely join in on some Goodreads conversations on Facebook

3) Plan a launch party in your town

4) Plan a virtual launch party on Facebook (by creating an event and inviting everyone you know and asking them to invite people you don't know)

5) Create a buzz by offering your book to early readers and asking for reviews and help with promotion

6) Contact someone about doing a blog tour (of course, I would recommend WOW! Women on Writing: http://wow-womenonwriting.com/, but I'm sure there are others)

7) Start writing your press release

8) Ask for help - get a second opinion about your head shot ... your husband may think you look amazing but ask someone who has the guts to say: "I bet you can look better" and definitely find a good photographer at a reasonable price ... no one wants to look awful and you are going to use this for your online presence, on your book cover, on your blog, etc... so it should really be a reflection of you at your best!

9) Register your book hashtag and then start tweeting about it! (not sure how to register? check this out: http://bookhashtags.com/ )

10) Ask people who have been there ... it's really not hard ... "hey Lisa, I remember you did that fun virtual launch party last year - what worked and what didn't? What do you recommend?"

That's my 10 down and dirty tips - it's okay to start building on these as you start your first chapter, or after the box of books has been delivered to your front door. Please don't be shy and remember you have accomplished something awesome - get out there and toot away at your own horn. And remember - I'm proud of you!!!


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