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Monday, July 15, 2013

Taking the MysterE Out of Facebook Marketing

Do you ever wonder what it's like to wake up next to me? Probably not, but I'm going to tell you anyway - as sort of the entrance into today's catchy blog about Taking the MysterE Out of Facebook Marketing. I don't have a traditional alarm clock that's plugged into the wall. The last time I had one I was in college and didn't have a cell phone. Now, I use a cell phone (in my case a smart phone/iphone) to ensure I will not oversleep. Unless I've forgotten my charger, my phone is the failsafe way to ensure prompt waking. Even if the power goes out, the time in my time zone changes, etc... I am getting up because my phone does all the work for me. It's always in the right time zone and as long as the battery has power, it's going off. My smart phone has made me as reliable as the postal delivery person "come rain, sleet, hail and snow...blah blah blah"

Why does this matter if you are marketing your business (or yourself, you authors) on Facebook? Well... back in college, my marketing wisdom would have told you to spend your marketing money on radio ads that aired between 6-7:15 in the morning. That was because homes across the country were filled with people waking up to the clock radio who would hear your jingle and/or listen to your ad and start their day thinking about how your product or service could benefit them. Now...highschoolers, middle-agers, and yes even my mother who is an AARP member, wake up to a little ditty on their smart phones. I personally blink a few times, take a drink of the water on the nightstand and head for social media land. I allow myself 5-10 minutes each morning to check emails, catch up on Facebook, find out what's trending on LinkedIn, check out the latest 'buzz' on Twitter, maybe pin a few ideas for the day on Pinterest, etc...

Then it's time to toss my legs over the side of the bed, head for the bathroom, and then my day officially begins. I won't bore you with more of those details unless you're curious about my great looking skin and then all I can say is MaryKay has done wonders for me ... but that's another subject for another day.

So...your job dear Facebook Marketing Friend is to following the three E's so you can get my attention and then remember to post early enough in the day so you catch my attention when I wake up and then have a post that is popular enough that it keeps coming to the top of my newsfeed all day (because people are interested in what you have to say). And don't forget to post 3 times each week - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are best in my opinion and add Sunday to make it 4 if you are in retail...people are looking for deals, sales, and coupons on Sundays!

Here are the three E's that will take the MysterEEE out of Facebook Marketing:

As far as Monday/Wednesday/Friday go - here are the EEE's to make it E-Z!!!!!

Monday - I want to be Educated; they are getting back into their "business" routine and some sort of information piece is most appreciated/shared/talked about!

Wednesday - I want to be Engaged - ask me a question or give me a call to action and you'll get my attention and my response!

Friday - I may just be at work but I'm checking out Facebook because I go into weekend mode on Thursday night or early Friday morning. I'm already thinking about cocktails, what band is playing, which of the children have a baseball game, etc...I'd like you to Entertain me, a funny post a cartoon, a picture, etc...those will all get my attention. Don't be offended if I don't comment though, because I may not want everyone knowing I'm in weekend mode...but trust me, you'll catch my Eye if you Entertain me!!

So - for what it's worth you now know what it's like to wake up next to me and you know what to do to get and keep my attention. Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Things may differ in your business ... for example, if you're a restaurant offering fine dining and evening cocktails, you may want to post early in the morning and then again right before the evening rush? Share your thoughts and ideas, they're likely to help others and isn't that what it's all about? Sharing ideas?

Hugs ya'all!


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